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I. The current Personal Data Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) operates with the following terms: 1. “Site Administration” This is the name given to the professionals representing the organisation whose responsibility it is to manage the website, i.e. to organise and/or process the personal data submitted to it. To perform these duties they must clearly understand why information is processed, what information must be processed, what actions (operations) should be performed with the received information. 2. “Personal data” is information directly or indirectly relating to a specific or identifiable individual (also referred to as a personal data subject). 3. “Processing of personal data” – any operation (action) or set of operations that the Administration performs with personal data. They may be collected, recorded, systematised, accumulated, stored, clarified (updated or modified if necessary), retrieved, used, transferred (distributed, made available, accessed), anonymised, blocked, deleted and even destroyed. These operations (actions) may be performed both automatically and manually. 4. “Confidentiality of personal data” – the mandatory requirement for the Operator or other officer working with the User’s data to keep the information received confidential and not to disclose it to outsiders, unless the User who provided the personal data has expressed his consent and there is a legitimate reason for disclosure. 5. The “User of the Webshop website” (hereinafter referred to as “User”) – an individual who has visited the Online Shop’s website as well as utilised its programmes and products. 6. “Cookies” shall mean a short piece of data sent by a web browser or a web client to a web server in an HTTP-request whenever the User tries to open a page of the Online Shop. The fragment is stored on the User’s computer. 7. “IP-address” – a unique network address of a node in a computer network based on TCP/IP protocol.


By browsing the Website and using its programs and products, you automatically agree to the Privacy Policy adopted therein, which implies that you provide personal data for processing. I. If the User does not accept the existing Privacy Policy, the User must leave the Site. II. The existing Privacy Policy applies only to the Site. If through the links provided on the Site the User connects to third parties resources, the Site is not responsible for their actions. III. The Site Administration is not responsible for checking the accuracy of the personal information submitted by the User and accepting the Privacy Policy.


According to the current Privacy Policy the Administration is obliged not to disclose the personal data of the Users registering on the Site or placing an order to purchase goods and ensure the absolute confidentiality of this data. I. To provide personal data, the User fills in the online forms on the site. The personal data of the User to be processed are: 1. his surname, first name, patronymic; 2. his contact telephone number; 3. his electronic address (e-mail); II. The data automatically transmitted when viewing ad units and visiting pages with the system’s statistical scripts (pixels) installed on them are protected by the site. This list of data includes: IP address; cookie information; information about the browser (or any other programme through which advertising is displayed); time of visit to the site; address of the page containing the ad unit; referrer (address of the previous page). III. Disabling cookies may result in the inability to access those parts of the site that require authorisation. IV. All other personal data not expressly referred to above (such as purchasing history, history of purchase, type of browser used, operating system used, etc.) shall be stored securely and shall not be passed on. The existing Privacy Policy provides an exception for the cases described in clauses. 5.2 и 5.3.


Personal data of the User is collected by the Administration of the Online Shop in order to 1. To identify the User, who has gone through the registration procedure on the Site in order to place an order and (or) to purchase a product or service of this Site remotely. 2. To allow the User access to the personalised resources of this site. 3. Establish feedback with the User, which means, in particular, sending enquiries and notifications regarding the use of the site, processing of user requests and applications, provision of other services. 4. To locate the User in order to ensure payment security and prevent fraud. 5. Confirm that the data provided by the User is complete and correct. 6. Process and receive payments, confirm tax or tax relief, dispute a payment, determine whether it is appropriate to provide a credit line to a particular User. 7. Provide the User with the fastest possible solution to problems encountered when using the site through effective customer and technical support. 8. To inform the User in due time about product updates, unique offers, new price lists, news about the activities of the site or its partners and other information, if the User agrees to this. 9. Advertise the products of the Site if the User agrees to do so. 10. Provide the User with access to the webpages or services of the Site, thus helping the User to receive products, updates and services.


There is no time limit on the processing of personal data of the User. Processing may be carried out in any manner permitted by law. In particular, by means of personal data information systems, which may be automatic or non-automatic. I. Personal data, processed by Administration, can be passed to third parties, including courier services, postal organizations and telecommunication operators. This is done to fulfill the User’s order, which he left on the Site and to deliver the goods to the address. User’s consent to this transfer is stipulated by the rules of the policy of the site. II. Also, the personal data processed by the Administration of the site can be transferred to the authorized bodies of the Russian Federation, if it is carried out on legal grounds and in the manner prescribed by Russian legislation. III. If the personal data is lost or disclosed, the User is notified about it by the Administration of the site. IV. All the actions of the Administration of this site are directed to prevent access to the personal data of the User by the third parties (except for items 5.2 and 5.3). Third parties must not have access to this information, even accidentally, so that they do not destroy it, do not change or block it, do not copy and distribute, and do not commit other unlawful acts. The Administration has at its disposal a complex of organisational and technical measures for the protection of user data. V. If personal data is lost or disclosed, the Administration of the site together with the User is ready to take all possible measures to prevent losses and other negative consequences caused by the situation.


The obligations of the User include: 1. Providing information about itself that meets the requirements of the site. 2. Updating and supplementing the information provided by him in case of changes. I. Obligations of the Site administration are: 1. Application of received information only for the purposes, specified in cl. 4 of this Privacy Policy. 2. Ensuring confidentiality of information received from the User. It must not be disclosed unless the User gives written permission for that. Also, the Administration has no right to sell, exchange, publish or otherwise disclose the personal data provided by the User, except for clauses 5.2 and 5.3 of the existing Privacy Policy. 5.2 and 5.3 of this Privacy Policy. 3. To take precautions to ensure that personal information provided by the User remains strictly confidential, just as such information remains confidential in today’s business transactions. 4. The blocking of personal data as soon as the User or his/her legal representative requests it. The right to request a blocking is also granted to the body authorised to protect the rights of the User who has provided the Administration with the data, for the period of verification, in the event that the personal data provided is unreliable or unlawful.


The Administration of this site is liable in the event that the User fails to fulfil its own obligations and, consequently, any losses incurred due to the unauthorised use of the information provided by the User. Russian legislation in particular asserts this. The current Privacy Policy makes an exception for the cases reflected in clauses. 5.2, 5.3 и 7.2. I. But there are a number of cases in which the Site Administration is not responsible if user data is lost or disclosed. This happens when: 1. Have become publicly available before being lost or disclosed. 2. Have been provided by third parties before they have been received by the Site Administration. 3. Disclosed with the User’s consent.


If the User is not satisfied with the actions of the site Administration and intends to defend its rights in court, it is required to submit a claim (written offer to resolve the conflict voluntarily) before filing a lawsuit. I. The claim administration is obliged within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the claim to notify the User about its consideration and measures taken. II. If the two parties failed to reach an agreement, the dispute shall be filed with a court where it shall be reviewed in accordance with the applicable Russian law. III. The relations between the User and the Website Administration are regulated by the Privacy Policy according to the Russian laws in force.


The Administration of the Website has the right to change the current Privacy Policy without asking the User’s consent. I. The new Privacy Policy shall come into effect once the information about it is posted on the Website, unless the amended Policy provides for another option of posting. II. Any suggestions, requests, demands or questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be submitted to the feedback section located at: Or by sending an email to ( III. You can read about the existing Privacy Policy by going to Updated April 17, 2023

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